About me

First of all, thank you for choosing Israel. 🇮🇱

My name is Yair Nabet and I am a Private Tour Guide certified by the State of Israel Ministry of Tourism.

I was born on a kibbutz in the center of the country and after completing my professional studies at Haifa University I began offering comprehensive touring services throughout the entire State of Israel.

I specialized in the complete history of the country, its religions and their interactions, geology, folklore and archaeology.

I am fluent in four languages: Hebrew, English, Italian and French.

I have been providing guided tours since 1999 for individuals, families and groups visiting Israel as private tourists, on pilgrimages (all religions), on business trip and as guests of government departments/ministries.

My van seats 7+1.

I consider an honor to provide these services and treat every tourist like a VIP.

Let me know your preferences and we will plan your tour together.

Contact me: 
e-mail:     y_nabet@hotmail.com
phone:    +972 50-789-2277 (➡️ WhatsApp) or +972 54-740-1309 (➡️ WhatsApp)