Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Speech "Israel: The Historical Holy Land"

I was invited to deliver a speech at the American Mensa Annual Gathering 2017 in Hollywood, Florida. My session took place on July 8th.

I enjoy sharing the beauty and rich history of my country guiding tourists and taking pictures in every corner of my "holy land", so this was an excellent opportunity to describe it from a distance, but always with the same passion... and maybe to give someone the desire to tour Israel with me.

This is the program of my session as retrieved from:
American Mensa. Israel: The Historical Holy Land. 2017. Web. 

Speaker: Yair Nabet

Israel, the historical holy land, lies at the intersection of three continents and the histories of their civilizations. The earliest fossils of modern human teeth have been found in Israel, at the caves of Qesem. The land defines its history - a landscape that determined the course of human habitation there, not to mention the outcomes of battles fought on land and sea throughout recorded history. This pictorial presentation will describe the ancient to modern development of the land and its inhabitants, its archeology and artifacts, respecting the cultural and religious differences throughout the millennia. Through understanding the land and its history, we learn how this tiny slice of earth magnifies its impact on the world stage. A basic travelogue with illuminating pictorials, yet of a special place that cannot escape its historical destiny. Discover the holy land with your own eyes. Questions welcomed at the end and answered from personal experiences.

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